Zuri Luxury Ltd (Zuri) was founded by Gisèla Mudumbi Van Houcke. Gisèla, who is also the company’s Managing Director was born in Eastern Congo but moved to the UK at a young age. As a student in the UK, Gisèla struggled to find good quality and affordable hair extensions that she could wear and re-use for a long period of time. The struggle became even more significant as she moved back to Africa in 2015. Here, she struggled to find companies that could offer top quality virgin hair extensions as well as hair products for her extensions and her natural hair. After thorough research, Gisèla decided to start Zuri, which means “excellent” in her native language Swahili.


Zuri started as a mobile company in 2015 before transitioning into an online store and eventually into a physical store in Kinshasa, DRC in 2016. A second Zuri store was opened in Kampala Uganda in 2017. In 2018, both stores graduated into full-service Hair Bars and a full operating warehouse was created in Asia giving the company the ability to service hundreds of customers daily through the Hair Bars and the online store.

Zuri is an internationally recognized hair extension and beauty brand that holds pride in providing top quality virgin human hair to women and salons around the world. Our goal is to allow women to feel and be their best in all circumstances. As such, our team of hair experts hand-picks a variety of top quality hair extensions from suppliers around the world and ensures that only those that pass our quality control tests can be shipped out to our entities or to our clients.

​ At Zuri, we are aware that technology can dramatically improve customer in-shop retail experience. As such, Zuri’s integrated systems and communication channels allow us to get real time insight into product performance and customer feedback. This allows us to continuously improve and provide the best hair and beauty products with our customers’ feedback in mind. Zuri’s research and development team is also constantly on the lookout for new ingredients to improve the company’s haircare products and hair technologies.

Gisèla was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 List 2018 for her work on Zuri where the company was described as "growing fast and claiming a share of Africa's big hair industry".