Zuri Luxury Hair & Beauty, “Zuri”, was founded by Gisèla Mudumbi Van Houcke who is also the company’s Managing Director. Gisèla was born in Eastern Congo but moved to the UK at a young age. As a student in the UK, Gisèla struggled to find good quality and affordable hair extensions that she could wear and re-use for a long period of time. The struggle became even more significant as she moved back to Africa after 12 years of living in the UK. Here, she struggled to find companies that could offer top quality Remy hair extensions as well as hair products to not only look after the extensions but also her natural hair.

After thorough research, Gisèla decided to start Zuri, which means “excellent” in her native language Swahili. Her goal was to enhance and nurture African women’s beauty by providing top quality and personalized hair and beauty products directly from the factory to clients’ doorstep. Zuri is now building an innovative retail network across Africa while growing the company’s global brand presence through an ecommerce website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

As Gisèla has always been passionate about how technology can dramatically improve customer in-shop retail experience, she has ensured that with Zuri’s integrated systems and communication channels, the company is able to get real time insight into product performance and customer feedback which will allow Zuri to keep improving and providing the best hair and beauty products out there. Zuri’s research and development team is constantly on the lookout for new ingredients to improve the company’s haircare products and hair technologies.