Dos and Don’ts from the Wig Experts

Zuri wigs are made with 100% human hair. They are versatile and can be styled to create different hairstyles. To maximize the wig longevity, here are some professional hair knowledge on how to care for your human hair wig:

  • Depending on how often you wear your human hair wig, wash it once for about 1-2 months. 
  • Never use hot water, sea water or chlorinated water as it may damage your human hair wig
  • Apply a very small drop of high-quality mild shampoo to the wet hair
  • Gently apply some of the soapy water to the inside of the cap. Do not scrub the cap.
  • Distribute gently the shampoo through the hair from top to bottom one section at a time.
  • Use cool to lukewarm water to rinse again from the top down and from the inside.
  • Gently blot hair with a towel.
  • To maximize your wig longevity, use Zuri Elixir de Brillance Sérum: put two drops on your hand and then gently distribute it on your hair.

"Zuri elixir de Brillance Sérum"

6 Wig Expert Tips:

  1. Do not style or brush your human hair wig while it is wet
  2. If you decide to condition the wig, stay away from the roots
  3. Do not scrub the wig’s cap
  4. Use Shampoos and conditions that are special for wigs
  5. Store your wig on a wig stand or form that is smaller than the base of the cap to prevent the cap from stretching.
  6. Do not brush your wig with a regular comb or brush


Hope this was all useful to you, and remember, if you take good care of your wig, it will last a lot longer, and you will look amazing!