Exclusive! Gisela Van Houcke answers all your questions on Lace wigs, Frontals and Hair care!

Hello Zuri Dolls! 

Guess who I interviewed: Gisèla Van Houcke!

Gisèla Mudumbi Van Houcke is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, running an international brand. In 2018, she was listed on Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ for her work on Zuri where the company was described as “growing fast and claiming a share of Africa’s big hair industry”. Other globally recognized platforms such as BBC News Africa and CNBC Africa have also recognized her work.

In this interview, she answers your questions! 

1. What is the best frontal for the best natural effect?

Hd looks very natural but not on all the skin complexion.

2. What is the best frontal to use on a dark skin?

On a client who is a dark skin, I prefer to use a Swiss lace as it takes the tint better than the hd. With the HD you will need to tint few times to get close to the color complexion. With the Swiss no need to work hard for that, it takes easily.

3. Do you always have to bleach the knots?

I always bleach the knots to avoid to see black knots at the roots.

4. Can you swim with a Zuri frontal?

The swimming and the water itself won't damage your wig, it's what's in the water. Chlorine and sea salt can both dry out your wig, make the fibers fizzy and damage your wig cap. Also, if you don't dry it directly after coming out your wig can lift.

5. Can lace frontal wigs damage your hair?

Wigs will not bring any damages to your hairline, the only things that can damage it are improper installation and removal procedures. Also, don't wear your wig every single day, your scalp needs a break needs a break sometimes. Max max keep it glued for 2 weeks and give it a break.

6. Frontal or closure, which is better?

Closure is less maintenance. For those who don't know nothing about hair and how to maintain it, definitely go for that. But if you want a natural and a versatile effect, frontal is better but hard maintenance. I recommend you to have a closure wig on the side when you are tired of it.

7. Are frontals hard to maintain?

Yes, very hard if you never had a wig, you will complain. I always say do your research before buying it.

8. Can you work with a frontal lighter than your skin complexion?

Yes, you can definitely work and make it close to your skin tone.

9. What do you prefer: frontal or closure?

For me, I like both. But when I don't have time I wear my wig saver: closure Wig.

10. Can you sleep with a lace wig?

Yes you can. Just tight the front and add a satin bonnet. But again,take off your wig sometimes to give a break to your hair and scalp.

Zuri Satin Bonnet

"Zuri Satin Bonnet"

11. Is the result of a glue less wig the same as the glued method?

No, it's not the same. 

12. How do you remove your frontals done with glue?

I recommend using oil or a glue remover . You can use Zuri Glue Remover which also a oil Take it off very slowly and finish to clean with alcohol.