Hair Extensions Tips: Everything you need to know about it !

Now that you have your hair extensions that are suitable for you, it’s time to talk about proper care. 

Good maintenance means knowing how to wash human hair extensions and the best hair care products to use to make sure your hair extensions have a long and happy life and Zuri got you covered on that ! 

"Wavy Extensions"


Conditioning is great for your extensions and essential to elongate its lifecycle, mainly if you use a hair straightener or a blow dryer frequently. It is recommended to wash your extensions with only sulfate- or paraben-free shampoo specifically on the roots. 

Do deep condition:

  • At least twice a month if you use heating tools often to avoid over dryness
  • At least once a month if you colour or bleach your extensions

Another important thing you should know is that before you wash your hair, you should thoroughly and gently brush your hair to make sure that you don't have any tangles.


Expert TIP: Remember to never brush the extensions while they are wet because the hair is at its weakest point when it's wet. 


Maintenance with Zuri Elixir de Brillance Serum

Applying Zuri Elixir de Brillance Serum on your hair extension; whether it is a curly, straight, coloured; will keep it shinier and free from tangles. 


"Elixir de Brillance"



  • Put two drops on your hand distribute lightly on your hair extensions.
  • Use a small amount and apply it softly on the hair coating each strand of the hair equally.
  • Too much serum on hair leads to coagulation, resulting in entangled hairs and duller appearance. 

Expert TIPS:

When you brush, hold the roots of your hair so that you don’t pull on the bonds. 
To avoid damaging your tape in extensions, remember to use heat protection spray before using hot tools and make sure the heat setting is on low.


Hope this was all useful to you!



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