LACE WIGS - All Your Questions Answered!

1. What is a Full Lace Wig?

"Full Lace Wig"

Full Lace wigs are often human-hair made. They cover the whole head with a closure that can easily blend with your skin. This gives the appearance of real hair rather than a wig. 

2. Are Lace Wigs reusable?

Yes, with proper care! The maximum length of time you can wear your wig depends on the glue you use(don’t use short-term glue if you want to wear your wig for more than one week), but it is recommended to wear it for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, make sure you take care of your natural hair: deep conditioning, scalp exfoliating and moisturizing with the right products.


3. What are the benefits of wearing a Lace Wig?

  •  Natural look: the lace can be customized to give a perfect blend and natural look to the wig. This gives the illusion of hair growing for a natural hairline.
  • They help cover baldness or grey hair, due to ageing or other health conditions.
  • Comfort : lace wigs tend to be more lightweight and comfortable than the traditional wigs. 
  • Style: lace wigs are more versatile, they can be parted anywhere and styled in many different ways.

"They can styled in many different ways"

4. Can a Lace Wig get wet?

Yes but if you are planning to be in the water, make sure to always use a skin protector prior to application.


5. Can a Lace Wig damage your Hairline?

Yes especially if you take your wig off  in a rush. Always use a designated adhesive remover for lace wigs to soften the glue before removing the wig.

 Hope this was all useful to you!